A few of our rave reviews from various online sources for your consideration...

I was in SF and had a half an hour to kill before my next appointment. I made my way over and was delighted. The neighborhood was really great; much different than when I lived here some years ago; cute and interesting. The manager was friendly and helpful. My favorite part was when she sold me DPNs that were sustainably made in northern California. "We're very proud of them." She told me. Great selection.

-Ruth S. 3/11/13 Yelp

My husband, our 3 young children, and I visited this lovely yarn shop this afternoon. My oldest son was looking for a gift for a friend. The two women at the store were welcoming, helpful, and very kind to our children. We would gladly return the next time we are need of some yarn or knitting/crochet accessories.

-Karen S. 3/3/13 Yelp

I've taken several classes from Amanda, and she is an excellent teacher. I always feel inspired to take my skills to the next level, and she's always there with just the right amount of instruction and encouragement. The store is clean and well organized. I really like that there are yarns at many different price points, so you have options when selecting yarn for your project. Aside from the excellent classes, I think the best thing about Atelier Marin is the help that Amanda and her great staff have given me when I've been stuck on a project. I've walked in many times with a mess on my hands, and they've quickly helped me sort it out.

-K.C. 11/7/12 Yelp

I am a beginner knitter. I am taking a class from Erin. I also took a private lesson from her. She is super patient with me since I am left-handed and am still struggling. The manager is nice, as are the rest of the staff.

-Jewli J. 9/16/12

I visit whenever I get to SF! Beautiful yarns but most importantly staff is sooo helpful - patterns, project ideas and suggestions.

-Kim L. 4/21/12 Yelp

There are really not enough nice things I can say about Atelier Yarns. I came in looking to learn how to knit about two weeks ago and since then have learned so much about the world of knitting.
I unfortunately couldn't take the group lessons due to my schedule, but instead took two private lessons with the store manager, Linda. She is awesome, hands down. Patient and very clear with her instruction. She's taught me the basics and provided some tips and tricks as well.
I think what I like most about Atelier is the friendly vibe you get from everyone in the store. I've been in a couple of times now (yes, I might be addicted) and each time someone is there to ask if you need help and answer your questions. It's also nice to see the other customers interact and provide advice. I mean, how can you not smile when folks get excited sharing their hobby?

-Courtney S. 12/1/11 Yelp

I have made two scarfs and purchased my yarn from the San Anselmo store. The different clerks in the store were always helpful and cheerful. I am now taking my first class with Amanda and it has been a real delightful experience. She explains techniques perfectly so that it is very clear. I love her patience and enthusiasm. I am so blessed to have her store so close to where I live.

-Arlinda A. 10/15/11 Yelp

For all you naysayers-First of all, knitting can be expensive, especially if you buy quality yarn that the retailer is excited about. And the owner is willing to drop everything to help me or give me positive feedback on what I have created. Depending on what you are making and how much yarn you need indicates the cost of your creation which I have learned over time. And yes, sometimes I can get yarn some where else for slightly less of a cost, but the support Amanda provides is well worth the price. She recently got me the yarn I needed for my project in 24 hours, well before I expected it, so my hat is off to her, she taught me to knit and has been patient with my mistakes and over eager ways of forgetting steps. My mother in law came here from St Louis and was so jealous she did not have this type of store for herself, well that just says it all! I love this place and appreciate that it is in my town.

-Kathleen F. 5/26/11 Yelp

Over the last year and a half I have come to appreciate Atelier very much.When I originally found the store,I was not sure,although I liked the selection. However, now that I go to the workshops whenever my schedule permits, I have truly learned a great deal from all of the instructors. If I am doing a project and not able to be in workshops that month, I know I can still go and receive assistance and encouragement.I also enjoy the friends I have met and I think it is inspiring to see people of all levels and interests working around you. We need to do everything we can to support small creative businesses such as this which enrich our communities and expand our lives.

-MaryMelissa G. 4/12/11 Yelp

I am always fasinated by this little shop on Divisadero Street. The Yarns and books, and friendly teaching staff are a self taught knitter, so their schedule of beginner to advance classes have been invaluable to my learning experience. I recommend to anyone to stop by and check this boutique yarn shop and see for your self.

-Taylor D. 4/7/11 Yelp

My mom and I were sitting around at 3:30 pm on New Years' Eve, talking about knitting. We decided to look here on Yelp for a yarn shop to buy me some knitting supplies. We checked and other places were already closed, so we decided to check out Atelier Yarns for the first time. Jamie and Susan were working with other customers but immediately made us feel welcome. An hour or more later, and armed with several new toys for me to experiment with, now about 5 pm on New Years' Eve, just before closing time?

I will definitely be back. Also, FYI, to those who complained that yarns were not clearly marked, I have to disagree -- I found absolutely every yarn priced.

-Susan L. 12/31/10 Yelp

I think this store and the people who work here are wonderful. Amanda is great and a wonderful teacher. I finally feel I can knit and am excited. Her staff is friendly and helpful and the yarn and the projects are very inspiring! We need to support local stores like this!

-Jane C. 10/18/10 Yelp

This is my new favorite yarn store. My old yarn store shall remain nameless. I'm currently in the Sunday workshop with Grace and can I just say what an amazing teacher she is. I feel like the Karate Kid of knitting being taught by my zen master. I love Atelier Yarns. I definitely recommend coming in and taking a class. I have been met with nothing but smiles and good will every time I am there. THANKS ATELIER!!

-Lauren S. 9/20/10 Yelp

This is probably the nicest yarn store I've ever been to. The selection is really incredible, everything is displayed beautifully and it's so easy to navigate. I found the staff to be super friendly and inviting. I took beginning knitting here 2 years ago with Amanda and enjoyed it immensely. I was comparing notes with a friend who took another beginners class in Mill Valley and I was shocked at how much more we learned at Atelier. Their class schedule leaves everyone else in the dust!

Totally worth it.

-Sam B. 9/20/10 Yelp

It's always a pleasure to shop at Atelier Marin. What begins as a quick visit often becomes a lengthy stay because time flies when you're having fun. The staff is cheery and helpful; they let me linger as long as I like, whether looking at the beautiful yarns or picking patterns for my next project. During the gloomy weather this summer, I'd go to Atelier on Friday and by Sunday night I'd have a new accessory ready for the fall. Thanks, Amanda!

-Alice M. 9/13/10 Yelp

Great yarns - always has something new. Ask for Shelly - she really helped me with my sweater I was knitting.  It was my first. I have been to lots of yarn shops - this is one to check out. It's the worth the drive for me from Napa Valley.

-Jo A. 9/4/10 Yelp

I learned how to knit at Atelier Marin and it was a wonderful experience. I attempted some classes at other places (which shall remain nameless) and the difference in quality of teaching was astounding. I came out of beginning knitting with my first HAT finished (!) and have continued to take class after class. I'm currently working on their Pattern Play Blanket which is kind of crazy seeing as how I started 4 months ago. Thank you Amanda and everyone at Atelier Marin!

-Lauren S. 8/13/10 Yelp

Just finished the Beginning Knitting class, in order to change from knitting "English" to "Continental" style. Amanda, the owner, is one of the best. She does any particular thing, and knows how to explain clearly and concisely. Students, both beginners and experienced knitters, left feeling supported, encouraged, and wanting more. I love the tranquil feeling in the store, and the predominantly natural-fiber selection of yarns. A couple of problems were graciously and quickly solved in outside-of-class trips to the store to ask questions. I look forward to more classes, and more yarn purchases! (P.S. to Anie T, 10/14/09 reviewer: the prices are ALL posted on the shelves, along with fiber content, yardage, and washing instructions.)

-Helen K. 8/4/10 Yelp

I sauntered down to the city after I found their other store in San Anselmo and I have to say, I love them both! Lovely, helpful staff, tons of samples knit up and an equally great selection.

-R.L. 8/3/10 Yelp

An absolutely awesome selection of yarns and knitting supplies. The owner, Amanda, is currently helping me knit a 'seamless sweater' and she is a wonderful, patient teacher.

-Alexa S. 6/11/10 Yelp

This is a little gem hidden away in the city! I walked by the shop once when it was closed and stood, mesmerized by the cute window displays of knitted hats and scarves and colorful yarns... that was the beginning... I have taken several knitting classes since then with Grace - the lovely and helpful shop owner - I now happily knit hats and scarves & love taking a break from the hectic everyday and stopping in to buy some more yarn... that I really don't need...

-Katie H. 2/18/09 Yelp

In the yarn world where stores come and go, this is one that I sure hope is here forever. I'm a long time knitter and that means I can't or get ideas and help finding the right yarn for a new project. I've always been welcomed the minute I walk in and I've always found lots of great yarn. She has a really great selection. Over the last few years I've taken four or five classes and they'rve been so much fun. who seems to know how to explain everything and help everybody. I love this store!

-Elisabeth H. 2/5/09 Yelp

I wanted to knit, but only knew how to make blankets and I wanted to make a baby sweater. I went to three different yarn shops to buy yarn, which I did, only to find out that not one of the salespeople would help me get a decent pattern and start me on my way. This was after spending more than $100 at each shop. I then came across Atelier Yarns and went in there with my yarn from another shop. Grace was wonderful and proceeded to show me how to knit and give me simple patterns. The experience was so wonderful that I decided to take classes and have completed one sweater and now I'm working on another and having a great time. The teachers, I have had both Grace and Holly ,are so knowlegeable and gentle and the other students are fun. I think Atelier Yarns is the best yarn shop in San Francisco, maybe the world. We owe it all to Grace. Go there and experience being amongst beautiful and soft yarn, like one experiences art.

-Shelley, 7/16/08 Yelp

Hey Grace -- thank you so much for the pleasant, helpful atmosphere of your wonderful shop. Parking can be a little difficult, but once you manage, you get to enter an island of serenity. I checked internet prices on some high end yarns that I wanted to work with. I was very pleased to find that Atelier either matched or beat the internet prices I found. And I get to go into the store and squeeze the yarns before selecting. (No, I have never been yelled at for squeezing the yarns).

Yes, there can be a wait sometimes, but hey! Take the extra time to browse through the fascinating collection of yarns and finished products. You might even get a new idea. To top it off, it takes only the drop of an imaginary hat, and the knitters present will be off and running with their lusty knitting adventures and scads of urban knitting legend. What could be more fun????

Atelier -- nice people, good yarn, good karma, good sense

-Margo, 7/15/08 Yelp

I adore this yarn store. Grace the owner is a wonderful woman with an incredible knowledge or knitting and crochet. concisely - so hard to find! I've taken several classes and it offers by far the most expertise than any other yarn store in the city. Their selection is incredible as well! They have so many beautiful, hard to find yarns as well as basics.

-Samantha 6/5/08 Yellowpages.com

I'd just like to say I love this shop. Grace is very helpful and friendly and enthusiastic. She always keeps enough yarn to knit a sweater... no waiting around to order yarns, hoping they come in, and carries a good variety of stuff. It's amazing that she can fit so many things in one little shop.

-Julia L., 12/14/07 Yelp

Not only is there a wonderful selection of quality yarns and knitting supplies, everyone who works there is uniformly knowledgeable and helpful. Prices are not cheap, but the materials are of the best quality -- you get what you are charge for helping me as I didn't buy the yarn from them. Atelier immediately corrected my mistake and made helpful suggestions. I haven't worked anywhere since.

-Judy G., 12/12/07 Yelp

Atelier Marin is a fantastic yarn store with an incredible selection. The owner, Amanda, is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly. It's nice to have such a lovely store in Marin. Jewels like this are hard to find!

-johannab12 12/7/07 Citysearch.com

This pearl of a shop (couldn't resist) combines a first-rate selection of top-quality yarns, books and supplies, with a staff that is steeped in knowledge and enthusiasm. Amanda, the proprietor, is a young and hip woman who can speak "alpaca" as well as she can knit cables and entrelac. Plus, she's funny and patient, too. Choose a project and Amanda and her staff will make sure you knit through it like a pro. The classes are a blast, too. One caveat: Once you walk through Atelier's doors you'll be hooked -- in the best way possible.

-Donata M 12/5/07 Yelp

This great shop has everything you need to indulge your knitting passion! Tons of fun books, a great selection of products, and plenty of helpful staff members to help solve any knitting bind you find yourself in. I've taken several classes at Atelier Marin and can attest to the vast knowledge and seemingly endless patience of the staff, especially the store owner. I'm definitely hooked on knitting, and I have this store to thank for that!

-Melissa T. 12/5/07 Yelp

I love this beautiful store & wanted to write because I don't think some of the other reviews are fair. For one thing, they do have prices on almost everything now & the yarns are organized by gauge which makes whatever I'm looking for totally easy to find! If I need to find yarn to match a certain pattern, all the yarns that will work for it are next to each other & easy to locate. If I need to make a blanket or scarf super fast for a gift, I just go to the bulky yarn section. It's awesome & I can't imagine why someone would complain about it!
This is one of my favorite yarn stores. I feel so lucky to have such an enormous and beautiful store in our area. Going into Atelier Marin is definitely a kid in a candy shop experience.... I've taken 3 classes, all with the owner Amanda, and really cannot believe how much I've learned. I was a self taught knitter and Amanda has shown me so many new tricks, I am forever grateful!

-Jennifer J. 6/5/06 Yelp

I have been knitting hats and scarves for a couple years now and I love it!!! A couple months ago I decided to check out a yarn store called Atelier that a couple friends had recommended. I had the best experience and I wanted to tell you all about it. The place beautiful and the yarns are gorgeous and they have so many things knitted up to inspire you. Plus they give you the patterns for free if you want to make something they have hanging up. Very cool. I got to talking with one of the super nice women who works there and she couldn't believe that I had been knitting for as long as I have and I've never made a sweater. I admitted that I have been sort of bored and she told me all about the class they teach called Seamless Sweater. She promised that it would make knitting a sweater easy so I signed up and took the class and I am so happy! I made the most beautiful Alpaca cardigan sweater that I wear every day and now I want to make 10 more. Which is good for them because I will probably buy more yarn and take more classes.

-Savannah 9/15/05 Yellowpages.com