Classes are available from our experienced Atelier teachers.

For the novice who is learning or the expert wanting to refine a special skill. Our teachers are available in person and online for you.

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Slanting Slip-On Tank

Super fun to knit in soft and silky linen. Perfect for hot weather.

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Freia Worsted Silk and Superwash Merino

Freia is making our custom fiber in WORSTED now!

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Cyclone Cowl

New Freia Silk and Superwash is ready and in stock to make this cute cowl!

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Classes are Happening

Come learn to knit, crochet or improve your skills! Get the help you need.

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Tools and Accessories

Loads of buttons, tools and accessories that you won't find other places!

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Fur and Faux Pompoms

Dyed exclusively for Atelier! Real fur or vegan faux choices.

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Karabella by the ball

Shop our entire range of Karabella worsted weight Aurora 8 and DK weight Aurora 6 by the color and ball!

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