Covid Shopping Rules

In-Store Shopping Rules starting Monday, June 15th:

  1. Please be patient with our staff and customers, we are all doing our best.
  2. You are required wear a mask when you come to the shop.
  3. Ring the doorbell for entrance. We are allowing 1 customer in the shop at a time. If we can assist you at the doorway while another customer is shopping, we certainly will.
  4. Yes, you can touch the yarn. Yes, you can return yarn previously bought for credit according to our usual return policy. You cannot return needles.
  5. If you've purchased yarn from Atelier that needs to be wound, yes, we can wind it.  We will wind at least 1 ball of yarn while you wait. If other customers are waiting, we will ask you to return later to pick up the rest.  As per always, and due to moth larvae, we do not wind yarn that is purchased outside of Atelier. Ball winders and swifts are available for sale.
  6. If our staff is able, they will offer 5-10 minutes of fixing errors or 1-2 small fixes at a time. Anything over that, please ask for the contact info for our staff that are offering video tutorials or let us help you pick a new, easy project. 
  7. If you are dropping off items to be finished, please make sure you are including them in your own bag and that you have put extra yarn, pattern with size marked, any buttons or zipper needed.  
  8. We accept cash, credit cards, checks, PayPal or Venmo for payment. For PayPal or Venmo, please show the payment confirmation to our staff.
  9. Please, maintain 6 feet of distance from other people if waiting your turn. Please stand on the designated spot when waiting to be rung up, it is 6ft from the counter.
  10. As you browse, please be aware of other people waiting to enter.
  11. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to helping you get the yarns and supplies you need. Please stay well to knit and crochet another day!