Classes are available from our experienced Atelier teachers.

For the novice who is learning or the expert wanting to refine a special skill. Our teachers are available in person and online for you.

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Beginning Knitting

This is where the excitement starts! Learn the essentials of Continental style knitting, from the basic stitches to the joy of creation.

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Our Knitting & Crochet Workshop offers problem solving, inspiration, and ongoing help for students of all skill levels.

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Beginning Weaving

Learn how to weave on a Rigid-Heddle Loom. If you love yarn, this class is for you! We'll get you weaving in no time!

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The Fadient Hat in Molly Girl

Put two colors of Molly Girl together to make this super fun hat by Xandy Peters.

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Staghorn Throw

Simple cables create the classic staghorn pattern that travels up and down the length of this Aran-inspired blanket.

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Tools & Notions

These scissors from Knitter's Pride have it all! They're colorful, they're practical, and they fold for extra safe storage.

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Baby and Kids

With its ribbed collar and multiple cable panels, it's a sophisticated design that looks great on babies and toddlers regardless of gender.

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