Seamless Sweater

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Seamless Sweater

Knitted in one piece from the top down.  Students will make their first sweater using bulky yarn.  It provides endless variety and timeless style in pullovers and cardigans. There is, what some knitters consider, a heavy amount of homework each week.  Skill level is intermediate.  If students are unable to keep up with class, private lessons are available.  Please discuss required skills and supplies with us before signing up.  Materials must be purchased in advance as there is homework required before the first class! We strongly recommend Magic Loop Socks as an excellent entre to this class.

"I love this yarn store. I took some lessons here, and I made a cardigan for my baby daughter (she is now already 4 now). Wonderful staff, and highly recommend its classes. They teach so well, and if you forgot something, you can just go in there and ask questions and they help you. (once I forgot how to do button hole and just went in and they taught me again) Wonderful staff and wonderful yarns and wonderful instructions."

~M N. 10/29/10

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