Limited Availability: Sajou's Reproduced Vintage French Scissors

Sajou scissors are little works of art. We LOVE these classic scissors.

They look beautiful, are sturdy in your hand, and snip with ease and precision. Despite production delays, we just receive their latest design - a beautiful mother of pearl. 

photo of scissors

Handmade in France from Maison Sajou in Versailles, each pair is the product of 12 skilled artisans working to craft perfect, sharp-for-a-lifetime scissors. The quality and variety from Maison Sajou is unrivaled. 

photo of scissors

Each chromed and gilded pair are reproductions of vintage French scissors, drawing on the most refined and sophisticated traditions of French scissor-making.

photo of scissors

Sajou is currently unable to obtain their high grade steel. Combined with Covid production delays and loss of trained personnel, it could be some time before we're restocked. 

So if you want to get your hands on one of our limited pairs, now is the time!